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The world-class lighting professionals at R.J. Wolfe & Sons can help bring an inviting glow to your outdoor living space. Whether you want to illuminate your house, call attention to your landscape, or extend the hours you can use your outdoor living space, we have the fixtures and the expertise to make it happen.

We use LED low voltage systems to accomplish a wide variety of lighting effects. Halogen lights are recognized as having a warm color, as opposed to the cool color of LEDs. Either may be appropriate for your project, depending on how you want the lighting on your project to look and feel.

Our user-friendly, highly-reliable fixtures and transformers are commercial-grade, meaning they have been through several years of design, research, and testing. We are able to service and maintain all the systems we install, and there is a lifetime warranty on all our fixtures and transformers.

We provide:

  • Lifetime warranty on transformers

  • High-quality, custom designed low voltage lighting systems

  • Lighting professionals who are knowledgeable and informed of current trends

  • Artistic design principles founded on over 29 years of experience

  • Customized design of your low-voltage lighting system

  • Free on-site demonstration of different fixtures and techniques

  • Elegant "Model Home" architectural and landscape lighting effects, including moonlighting.

  • Professional and neat installation of your system

Outdoor lighting enhances your architecture, landscape, and outdoor living spaces, not to mention elevates the feelings of safety and security on your property. With R.J. Wolfe & Sons, you can be assured you are receiving exceptional value on an efficient, reliable, and long-life system… all at a reasonable price.

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